Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning systems require maintenance to continue functioning well. We offer the best car AC repair services at affordable prices which include compressor check, fixing refrigerant leaks and more. When you visit our workshop, our trained and experienced technicians will check all potential faults associated with the car AC system like leaks and faulty compressors. We then repair or replace the damaged parts to ensure that your car AC is working in tip-top condition so you can enjoy your driving experience in any kind of weather.

Car Air Conditioning Service
Air Conditioning Services Bokarina

Signs that your car needs an AC servicing:

  • The pressure of the air coming out of your vents is very weak.
  • There are water stains on your dashboard from leakage.
  • Your AC is losing its cool
  • AC air temperature fluctuates at random intervals automatically
  • Your AC is being unusually loud and noisy.

Notice any of these above-mentioned signs? If yes, then contact us for best Air Conditioning services. Book an appointment today!