Caravan Services

ABS can help you make your vacation fantasies a reality, from Jockey wheels to brake Controllers.

Towing a van or trailer doubles the mass weight, so your braking system needs all the support it can get, and you need to
know your brakes can manage the load time after time.


Caravan Services Bokarina

ABS diagnoses install, and services trailer, caravan, and float braking systems. Among our services and products are:

  • Brake Assemblies
  • Drums
  • Axles
  • ALCO Electric Brake Components
  • Shoes

Tekonsha Technology

ABS can also leave your worries behind with Tekonsha Electric Brake Controllers.

State of the art Tekonsha Controllers provides different levels of features to ensure you have the right controller to suit your towing requirements.

From inertia activated units that sense the weight distribution of your vehicle and van to easy to see LED indicators, Tekonsha uses technology similar to that used in rocket science.

Caravan Services Bokarina