How Cold Weather Affects Your Vehicle

How Cold Weather Affects Your Vehicle

The dreaded winter season brings gloomy, shorter days and longer nights, which many of us dread, but did you know that the chill also affects your car? There are a number of ways that falling temperatures can affect the smooth running of your vehicle, and these range from impacting the health of your battery to causing fluids in your engine to thicken.

A vehicle that is not maintained correctly is more likely to be affected by these and other issues when the temperature starts dropping. Ensure your car gets through winter by taking following critical steps:

  1. Have your battery tested

Cold temperatures can take a heavy toll on your battery by affecting its electrical system. A battery that is more than three years old is more at risk of damage in low temperatures, and the chances of it giving up entirely are significantly increased. Get your battery tested to make sure it’s got what it takes to survive the cold months.

  1. Monitor fluid levels

One of the most significant risks of falling temperatures in the colder months is the thickening of vital fluid levels, which will affect almost every mechanical function. If fluids like fuel, brake fluid, oil and water don’t flow properly, there is a risk of damage to vital systems. Check all fluid levels and make sure you are using the correct antifreeze products.

  1. Check for under-inflated tyres

It is usual for tyres to lose pressure with each significant drop in temperature. This makes regular tyre pressure checks essential for your safety. Incorrectly inflated tyres may also impact fuel consumption, so that’s another excellent reason to monitor the pressure regularly.

  1. Check the condition of windscreen wipers

Your wiper blades need to be in optimal working condition, especially during rainy and stormy weather. Wipers can tear due to extreme weather, so keep an eye on the state of the rubber. Washer solvent levels should be checked regularly too.

  1. Monitor your spark plugs

Spark plugs are particularly vulnerable in cold weather conditions. Faulty spark plugs due to clogged filter wires could leave you stranded, so make sure yours are in excellent working order.

You can avoid these and other problems by making sure your car has routine services and maintenance. Do you need to get your car’s battery checked, air conditioner serviced or fluids topped up? Receive quality service at an affordable price at ABS Auto, which has the highly qualified expert mechanics ready to make sure your car is working perfectly throughout winter.

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