What Car Manufacturers And Dealers Won’t Tell You About Your New Car Warranty And How This Knowledge

New Car Warranty ABS Kawana

A new car warranty is complex and filled with clauses and exclusions and it can often feel like one wrong move could void the remaining warranty on your vehicle forever. The simplest way to maintain your car’s warranty is to honour your car’s manufacturing expectations but to read the fine print. Just remember that thereare many details that dealers keep from customers that could save you a lifetime of unnecessary expenses.

When most people purchase a new car they immediately make a note of the predetermined mileage/date for its first service. Most of us have heard from dealers, friends and even family that the only way to maintain your car warranty is to service it and source any parts from where it was purchased.

This is not true – and the law is on your side.

While new car buyers are required to adhere to the provided service schedule, they are under no obligation to use an official channel and can use an independent mechanic or third party service provider should they want to, provided the manufacturers’ guidelines are adhered to and OEM or better parts are used.

But what if I am being offered an Extended Cover Warranty by my dealer, you ask?

In this case it might seem like a good deal – avoid third-party servicing and get covered for longer – but again it’s the fine print that you need to read. The subsequent cost of servicing your car with them could end up cancelling any benefit the extended warranty could offer.

If you decide to go the third-party route, make sure that any part placed in your car is approved by the manufacturer (in terms of quality and not brand name) as an unapproved part being used could again void your warranty.

There is a lot of conflicting information surrounding car warranties and you are well within your rights to ask as many questions as you see fit. If your dealer cannot talk you through the why’s and how’s of servicing your car and fitting parts you might be better off finding someone who will.

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